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Football Sex Party BBC

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I meet this nice looking black guy Jocko, during the New Year’s Eve swingers’ party. Since me and my girlfriend were too drunk to drive, he drove us back to his place to sleep it off. The next day, he asked if we would like to go to a party on the 18. Sandy my girlfriend couldn’t make it because of her k**s, but I was okay to attend, although I wanted more information about it. He laughed and told me that he would give me $500 to go as his escort. How did he know, so I’m guessing during the NYE party I mentioned that I dabbled in escorting from time to time. He mentioned that it was just for… Read more

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My Brother-in-Law, My Lover


For as long as I can remember, I’ve desired my sister’s husband, Joseph. He was my forbidden fantasy, my secret desire. He was the guy I would’ve wanted to take my virginity, if I haven’t already given it away to some schmuck who was half the man he was, who was just interested in spilling his seed all over me without a care if I came or not. FYI – he was the lousiest lay I ever had. Not that I had any seconds after that encounter. But still, my point stands. My first time sucked. After that, I never wanted to have sex ever again. Not that I ever lacked offers. There were many. I just wasn’t i… Read more

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You, your wife and me

First TimeVoyeurTaboo

First time cuckold but already convinced It took you some time to convince her to add someone to your bedroom. But you finally did it ! She's in your arms her back on your chest. You are touching her breasts and her body while my head is down there, between her legs. Kissing and licking that beautiful pussy ! You can't see her face but you know she's having a good time. She is kissing you in the neck with passion and excited as never ! Whispering to you that you were right, she likes to have another man tacking care of her ! Now you see me grabbing her legs and turn her so she can fa… Read more

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My Uncle & Mother Make A Threesome

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Hello I am Latha, a housewife from Bangalore and this story is about my mother. The story begins when my first c***d was two years old. I came to stay with mom at my native village for some weeks with my k**. My dad got a job in Bangalore and stayed there alone. He used to come to village once in a month for 5-6 days. Sometimes, mom used to go there to stay with him. It had been a week of stay at my mother’s place. One night my k** got up and started crying. I breastfed her and she slept again. But my sleep was broken and I… Read more

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The Bad Girls

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I watched from the kitchen window, my 16 year old little girl sitting between to older girls on the bench seat of the old Chevy Impala coupe. The older girls were groping my little girl. Her jersey was moving up as one of the older girls fondled and sucked a breast the other girl probably had her hand down my little girls shorts. The girl driving got out she wore torn jeans a t shirt with military boots. A large tattoo on her shoulder. Her brown hair cut short. She walked my little girl up to the front door for one last kiss. I watched as the girl, hell, woman got back in the car and drove o… Read more

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Dirty Horny Family

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I am 26 years old photographer, married to a sexbomb named Sarita who loves sex. I have been fucking her in all positions and at all places, like, bathroom, kitchen, in the lawn and soemtimes in bed too. I live with my mother Sunita who is a gorgeous looking woman of 46. She has a few male friends who used to be my dad’s friends before my dad died two years ago. My wife tells me she fucks t… Read more

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Fatal attractions - From camgirl to CEO

TabooFirst Time

Story comes from A visionary industrialist having a moral compass, that what best described him when Benedict Astle was appointed as the CEO of the company. Within a short span of five years, he turned the wheels of the company and it was booming with profits. He was so influential with his marketing policies and business strategies that he ruthlessly wiped out his competitors from the business. Thus, he earned appreciation and applause from all the board members and his employees. But, as time passed by, with his hard-hearted trading policies, Benedict Astle soon st… Read more

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my last sexy encounter. ....

First TimeHardcoreTaboo

Ok........last night I had to go to get some rolling papers. I grew some great smoke and wanted to relax. I head off to the local smoke shop. I pull up and noticed this sexy younger girl around 19 talking to this young couple. I didn't think too much about it except the fact this girl was wearing short shirts up her ass almost. Being a father of girls I also think I should not be looking at that nice young firm ass that probably has never been penatrated. So I took a long good look at her ass cheeks as I walked by her. Almost no tits at all but i think that's kinda sexy.....don't get me wrong… Read more

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Jenny’s Journey


Just over two years ago, I had dropped my wife and her sister off at the bus terminal. We had recently come into a fair amount of money, so they decided to do a 10 day charter bus tour. That was great for me. My marriage is mostly one of convenience. My wife and I have been living like brother and sister for many years. Sex was the most remote thing on her mind…so I was looking forward to my 10 days of freedom more than they were for their trip. As I was walking back to my car, that’s when I spotted her. She was very thin…if not down-right skinny. She was pan-handling – looking for some cash.… Read more

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CHAPTER THREE: Our new reality. It didn’t feel different. It didn’t look different. There was a constant feeling that I should be able to look up the mountain to the east and see that large concrete research facility looming over the valley. After numerous times of looking up, it started truly sinking into my troubled brain that it wasn’t ever going to be up there. That became depressing. My training in survival prepared me to deal with the world in its most primal nature. But it is one thing to train for it and ano… Read more

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amazing mom


at the age of eighteen, I was sick and tired of the way my stepdad was treating my mom, he was a beer drinking, cigarette chain smoking fucking waster, he hadn't worked in three years, while my mom was out working two jobs to help keep a roof over our heads, I finally snapped when he was sitting on the couch, after eating a meal my mom had prepared for him, after coming in from work, "get me a beer from the fridge " I heard him say to my mother, that did it for me, Why don't you get up and get it yourself you fat lazy bastard I told him, he looked at me with hate in his eyes, and was just abou… Read more

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CHAPTER TWO: I felt pain in my right leg and left shoulder. There was probably more than that, but those were the worst. I opened my eyes and thought my vision was messed up, too, then realized that I was face down in the leaves and dirt. I turned my head and I only saw seemingly random objects close to my face, but as I concentrated, the images cleared to branches and leaves. I was underneath a bush. Underneath a bush? My mind fumbled with this new reality and it was having difficulty, it was having difficulty rele… Read more

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CHAPTER ONE: Upon exiting the elevator on the lab level, my first glance down the corridor in front of me made it very clear that something dramatic had changed. I stepped forward with Bo alongside me as was now our routine for these weekend schedules. I saw several new faces for guards and any hesitation might have been an alarm depending on why there was such a new and heightened interest in security. The area outside the elevator door was only a small room. There was only one door, besides the elevator, and it was… Read more

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Hot sex after a playoff hockey game

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A group of my friends were at the Golden Knights playoff hockey game. The Knights were a first year expansion team making a deep run into the Stanley cup playoffs. The six of us watched the Knights dominate the San Jose Sharks 7-1. An amazing game to say the least! Feeling high from the win and all the beer at the game. The six of us proceed to New York New York for some after game drinks and celebrations. We headed up an escalator and found a bar. We gathered around and ordered drinks. We had been drinking for a couple hours when we decided to order shots. As I start to order some fireball a… Read more

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Italian girl for me and my boyfriend

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We’re on holiday. We decided to take a short break in Italy, and we’re staying on a quiet resort where there’s mountains everywhere you look, the sea is blue and warm. The weather is warm and the breeze is cool. It’s perfect for us. We’ve done a few trips to the local area and we find a restaurant which is hidden in the trees, about 20 mins walk from our chalet. It’s a restaurant for locals. The chairs are wooden and dusty, they creak when you sit on them. The smell of cooking wafts across the air; makes our mouths water; we’re hungry. There’s only 1 other couple there, an older couple in thei… Read more

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Mistis' Adventures Part 37


Cathy had followed William and Billy in her Jeep to the farm. She wanted to leave it there while they went home for their other things and pick up Billy;s new truck. That way it would be out of the way, and they could use it to get around after they had emptied the truck. Billy's shoulder was as good as new, but they would go see the doctor and have him look at it to make sure it was okay. Billy wanted to get started fixing it the way he wanted it. She went into the house and took off her coat, hanging it on a tree inside the front door. She sat down on the sofa and removed her boots and slip… Read more

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CHAPTER NINE: My recovery from the attack at the cafe, almost losing Mitch, and my killing a man even if he was an asshole, occurred with far less trauma than what I suffered through after the abuse that Mitch had rescued me from. It still came to me with a rush at times, typically when it was quiet but fully awake. Sometimes in dreams I would see pieces of that day, the sounds, the flying glass, and the most scary of images for me – Mitch standing in front of that psycho with a gun pointed at his head. Mitch made me promise to tell him about every occurrence, to talk each one through… Read more

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Gang Bang


Hi, we spoke earlier this week in one of the chat rooms, and I wanted to say that your experience was very similar to one I had a few years ago, and I also believe it has changed me. Let me tell you what happened. It started like any other school day, we were up early, breakfast school bags packed, laughing it was Wednesday only 2 more days to the weekend. After I put the girls on the bus to school, I walked back to the property past a van which was steaming under the bonnet. People were standing around the van. One of the guys asked if they could get water to fill the radiator. I said yes,… Read more

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Riding days  —  White suppliment 2nd part


To get a clear idea about a few characters and the theme, I recommend you to read the first story the Medical Seduction. Mr. X opened the door and left the room early morning. The door was not fully closed behind him. Through that, we could see Catherine getting up from the hospital bed to get her trousers. When she slipped out from the bed, her blue shirt which moved up and her robust white thighs were well visible. She put her trousers and looked at the mirror in the bathroom. Her hair is a bit messy and the buttons of her shirt were not put in the wrong order. She smiled at herself and clo… Read more

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Whatever happens tonight stays between us....

First TimeGroup SexTaboo

This is my first time writing a story on here so hopefully it's up to code. Footnote set the scene, My ex and I were out one night. Us and 2 of my best friends went back to her house to continue the party. There was a cocktail of drink , smoke and sniffing over the next few hours that led to the hottest experience of my life. For privacy my ex will be called Penny. The 2 guys will be just the initials, C and L. So let's set the scene. We walk back from the club to Penny's house. We are all pretty drunk at this point. She always gets super horny when she's drunk and even more so if any clas… Read more

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