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Football Sex Party BBC

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I meet this nice looking black guy Jocko, during the New Year’s Eve swingers’ party. Since me and my girlfriend were too drunk to drive, he drove us back to his place to sleep it off. The next day, he asked if we would like to go to a party on the 18. Sandy my girlfriend couldn’t make it because of her k**s, but I was okay to attend, although I wanted more information about it. He laughed and told me that he would give me $500 to go as his escort. How did he know, so I’m guessing during the NYE party I mentioned that I dabbled in escorting from time to time. He mentioned that it was just for… Read more

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White Couple seeks Hung BBC Blacken

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Shannon was the love of my life. We dated for several years and had married right out of college. I was three years older than her and while I was her first, she was definitely not mine. I had been very experienced with other woman and I felt that she should experiment with other men to gain pleasurable experiences. But that is where I pushed it too far. Shannon had long dark straight hair that she usually wore down or curled when we went out. She was tall, thin and had a body to die for; 34-24-34. We made love frequently while married but I had this need to experiment and try different thing… Read more

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Never Trust your Wife PT3 Blacken

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When Kate's boss, Mike (he's black) , came over for dinner one night, her husband, Jeff, had to sit idly by as they flirted and fooled around. It was obvious the pair had been building up sexual tension for some time. Jeff was sure they had been up to some office shenanigans by the way Mike's large black hands were already overly familiar with his wife's body as soon as they sat down to eat. Jeff really wouldn't have been surprised if Kate was on her knees that very morning with her mouth around her boss' black cock, draining his balls during her mid-morning break. Jeff knew the way she dres… Read more

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Tapping that fine White Ass Blacken

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Tonya was just so damn busy lately that she could not think straight! She was babysitting from 5:30 a.m. until time for school and then off to class and then back to babysitting until bedtime and then she had to wake up at 1:30 a.m. to let the last c***d go back home. She was not only feeling tired but also horny. She had not seen her lover in months and she had not had any for several weeks. She was young and had needs. She was tired of masturbating and she needed a cock! Tonya had a lover that had often thought up different things for Tonya to do sexually since she had agreed to be his sex… Read more

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GF turns me into a Cuckold

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My girl had always gone out and got off with other men, she was over-sexed, for me, at least! My girlfriend, myself and a few others came back to ours after a night out. We had been clubbing with friends and whilst out she was teasing me by saying she fancied this other guy who was in our group. My girl had already been flirting and dancing with this fit black guy all night, I didn't really take much notice at the time as we were in a crowded club. But, shock horror, he ends up being a friend of a friend and ends up back at ours. After everyone had left it was the three of us and when he left… Read more

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Dirty Horny Family

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I am 26 years old photographer, married to a sexbomb named Sarita who loves sex. I have been fucking her in all positions and at all places, like, bathroom, kitchen, in the lawn and soemtimes in bed too. I live with my mother Sunita who is a gorgeous looking woman of 46. She has a few male friends who used to be my dad’s friends before my dad died two years ago. My wife tells me she fucks t… Read more

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My Boyfriend is Away

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I've really have enjoyed my time away from my boyfriend and a chance to visit my family but I've also missed our passionate sex. Its been about a couple of months since he and I have been together and I really need to feel him inside me and of course me sucking his super hard morning cock which I'll never tell him is my passion not just his but sucking cock in general. I'm getting back home a week before him and I'm not sure I can last that long as I yearn for some hot physical sex and the touch and feel from my man. I'm heading back to Phoenix tomorrow morning and he was supposed to fly here… Read more

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my first BBC

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My first encounter with a BBC came about at a sauna in south Wales. I never knew or asked his name but as soon as I saw the guy lounging in the jacuzzi with this cock all erect and looking good enough to eat I knew I had to have it. To be fair, it wasn't just his cock that attracted me either. The fact was that he was a younger guy who clearly went to the gym and worked out. As soon as I saw him I was in lust. I slid into the jacuzzi and smiled. Strangely we were the only 2 people in the jacuzzi at that time. I tried acting naturally as he gently stroked his magnificent tool but I had to tou… Read more

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Hot sex after a playoff hockey game

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A group of my friends were at the Golden Knights playoff hockey game. The Knights were a first year expansion team making a deep run into the Stanley cup playoffs. The six of us watched the Knights dominate the San Jose Sharks 7-1. An amazing game to say the least! Feeling high from the win and all the beer at the game. The six of us proceed to New York New York for some after game drinks and celebrations. We headed up an escalator and found a bar. We gathered around and ordered drinks. We had been drinking for a couple hours when we decided to order shots. As I start to order some fireball a… Read more

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He's Back Welcome Home Blacken

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My phone finally lit up with text from my boyfriend, Josh. He had been in New York for a week on an important business trip. I had been waiting on his text all afternoon as his flight had been pushed back a few times due to inclement weather. "I just landed, baby girl! Can't wait to see you- just waiting for my bags now." That made me smile. Baby girl was always his cute, little pet name for me. Although, we did skype most nights when he was gone, it was nice to finally be able to be held in his arms again. Our bed felt so empty without Josh's big, warm, muscular body. "Can't wait to see y… Read more

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Marcus and Gracie

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My wife Gracie is more than 60 years old. She is typically pale white standing at 5’2”, weighing it at 125 pounds. We have three grown c***dren and live alone, except for the frequent visits from our grandc***d. Gracie is known as “quiet & shy” by everyone. At my persistence, Gracie began sharing her body with other men during the latter part of 1983. She became obsessed with it. After a little vetting and proof of a recent STD test, she can be had by almost any man. She has fulfilled the fantasies of old men, young men, fat men and men of all races. She has a soft spot for guys who might… Read more

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Exposed Cocksucker Glenn Saslow

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As you can see from the photo, I'm Glenn Saslow, a mature gay cocksucker. I started sucking cock one afternoon in the locker room at work. Myself and the crew were changing out of our work clothes to go home for the day. My crew consisted of seven black guys. We were all in the same stage of changing, all nude. I opened my locker, and before I realized it, several photos fell out of my locker, and fell on the floor. Before I could even start to bend over to pick up the fallen photos, the guys had picked them up, and started to… Read more

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Emma Watson Pays Her Boyfriend’s Debts - Part Two

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Emma woke up laying on her back an the couch, still nude. Her face was dry, so she got in the bathroom and washed off all the dried cum. “Shit that was a horny couple of hours! Judge Jeff had the longest cock I’ve ever had in my ass!” she thought to herself. Maybe she should leave now! Just then, Ray walked in the room. “Wow Emma! I’ve never seen you so excited! I thought you were going to explode with Judge Jeff’s cock in your ass! Was it because he’s black or because he fucked you so good?” “A little of both I think! I h… Read more

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My son’s Girlfriend and the Refugees

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I was so proud of my son for getting the girl of his dreams. Her name was Lucinda and she was 28, smart, sexy, intelligent and she was a practicing human rights lawyer. He brought her over to dinner and after meeting her I could not have been happier for him. That was until I suddenly realised it was the same girl I knew from the refugee centre where she volunteered and helped young asylum seekers assimilate and where I too volunteer from time to time. My heart stopped for a moment as I recollect spotting her a few months back on her knees sucking the cocks of 2 young Syrian refugees. I p… Read more

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Porn cinema orgy

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Today was another lazy Sunday.... the weather was good, sunny and nicely warm. Waking up late and a lovely breakfast, a good way to start the day. I was supposed to pack my bags today as I would be going on holiday later this week, but it never came to that.... After my breakfast, I went  to The Hague, where we have a porncinema with a labyrint in the back. It's full of gloryholes, little cabins to enjoy a private encounter and gloryholes on the sides for others to watch and use for a good cock sucking... When I entered the cinema, it was busy already. Many guys and even a couple we… Read more

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A crossdressers dream

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It was another day in where i had to wait until very late for my wife to come home. We hadn't done it in many weeks, there was too much stress going on, and for her it's hurtful since her operation. We cuddle and share as many intimacies as possible, I cook and clean, so she doesn't need to do that when coming home. When I had a fulltime job, she did the same for me. My neighbor came with two friends. He has a houseboat of about thirty five feet, from which he fishes. Everything bigger then a foot can be eaten, and they use a bucket to keep 'em in. Normally, we live our lives, say hi and tha… Read more

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Vacation Blacken

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If you have read my previous post you will know me and my girlfriend have been enjoying having her personal trainer Dom use her as his little toy The original reason she started going to the gym was to get in shape for our holiday and there's no better exercise than being thrown around by a massive black guy! With Dom putting on regular 'sessions' for her I'd stopped fantasising about how I could get her to fuck a black guy Being on holiday was my favourite fantasy as everyone is more relaxed on holiday and I thought maybe this would be the best chance to make my fantasy a reality, however I… Read more

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Sarahs Venture To The Dark Side.

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"Looking good today sarah" I hear from across my desk. "Thankyou Rob, you too, i like the pants" I say with a smirk and a gentle wink of my eye. Me and rob had been flirting innocently for a few weeks, the chemestry between us is palpable, every morning when he comes in he says im looking good and that i smell nice. I always return the compliment, but he does genuinly always smell good, infact, edible. He is always impecably dressed and always such a kind soul. Dare i say i make more of an effort when i go to work this last few weeks? Dare i say i fancy him slightly? His milk chocolate dark sk… Read more

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Shopping for BBC Blacken

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Today, I went to Dillard's to get some new summer outfits. I had been dieting and working out all winter and was ready to slip into something new. While I was looking through some racks of skirts and tank tops I noticed a young black man staring at me. I smiled at him and he seemed to blush and turn away. As I left the store with a few purchases and was walking through the mall parking lot that guy pulled up next to me in his car. He had some hood-tricked out Toyota. I had to smile to myself. "Hey, you want to go party with us?" He said. I noticed he had two other black young men in the car… Read more

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I Suck Cock Blacken

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I suck cock and a lot of it. I love the feeling of men getting off in my mouth. I feel like the center of the world when a strange guy blows his wad in my mouth. Don't get me wrong I like to fuck to but usually I just suck guys off that don't even know my name half the time. This is how it went today. I was in Lowe's trying to get my husband something for father's day. I hate tools except the kind that get me off. I picked up some stupid cordless screwdriver and headed for the check out. I noticed the guy in front of me was very handsome and seemed to be kind of well off. Not unusual in this… Read more

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