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My DOM CL Hookup

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White Male seeks Sissy CD playtoy - m4t “White male here. 35 years old. On the huskier side. Very dominant minded male. And a total top. I am looking for a total sissy type. Someone who likes to dress up and play the girly part. You should be a total bottom. I expect you to love to suck cock on command. You should be ok with some BDSM play as well. I want someone who has their own clothes, makeup, hair...etc...I am ok with semi passable, but truly prefer passable. I want someone younger than me. Any race is ok with me, so long as you fill the requirements I am looking for. I know th… Read more

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Mom wants sex

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David rested his head against his headboard, while on the other side of the wall, his mother screamed out yet another orgasm. His cock was firmly held in his hands, as his mother screaming to be fucked harder and harder. In his mind it was him, David, she was screaming for. He could feel himself getting close, but wanted to delay that pleasure, until she was done. He gripped the base of himself, and waited for the sensation to ebb. "Oh, fuck. Yeah, right there, baby, right there. Keep that up and you're gonna make me cum agaaaaaaiiiiinnnnn!" That did it, and his semen shot out, making a hig… Read more

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Visit with Aunt Vicky Ch. 3

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That night was a bit awkward as Aunt Vicky and I ate dinner alone together. Brigette was out with friends again or something that night. Vicky and I just made small talk during the meal, neither of us brought up the issue of i****t. I certainly didn't tell her about fucking Brigette that morning. To be honest though, my dick did get hard several times throughout dinner as I looked across the table at Vicky, admiring her gigantic rack, and remembering what her face looked like covered in my cum. That night after Vicky went to bed I decided to stay up late and watch a porno on Cinemax. I sat on… Read more

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I thought she was Her Mother...

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My mature, voluptuous, friend of nearly 30 years, Hips, and I. Were on day three of my 4 day visit! Her brother, Bold, had left two days ago! And, I was still reeling over the crazy night we had had together! Hips and I, were fucking any and every chance we could get after that first wild night! Luckily, Hips, was retired and her k**s, A & B, were both living their own lives! Her, estranged, husband was off doing his own thing! B, the boy, was in the military. Serving a tour in Europe. He was very disappointed when he heard I was visiting his parents! And, he wouldn't get the chance to… Read more

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First Time Glory Hole

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After Rebecca, my first wife and I, broke up, and even though we'd rarely ever been truly 'happy' as a married couple, I was depressed for a while after words. Even though unhappily married, I'd gotten use to her being in my life, and even the angry outbursts between us were at least something, rather than nothing. Still, I felt somewhat 'relieved' that the anger had started to subside somewhat in those quiet, lonely hours following our separation and then divorce. Not long after words, I discovered that she was seeing someone else; and though I knew that our relationship was definitely over… Read more

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Nilesh Kumar The Great

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Nilesh Kumar The Great BY: Londebaaz Chohan Well, if Nilesh Kumar wanted to claim and the world wanted to believe that he was not Gay; who wanted to be the judge? Better nobody. Even Nilesh cannot refuse that he had fooled around with men; at least on occasions and if nothing stern or serious, but at least touching, feeling and exploring other men to satisfy his desires to be a showoff. After all, said and done; one thing was for sure that he was damn lucky young man. For his very average body looks, height, weight and physique; he was blessed with an enormous size of well over 8-inch… Read more

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How I became a BBC WHORE

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My name is Deanna and I am the luckiest girl alive. But let me explain a few things about me I’m 43 years old but look pretty damn good for my age I’m not skinny im chubby with red hair and C cup tits and with a ghetto booty as boys keep telling me which im proud of especially being white lol. Anyways alot of ppl have judged me for this but I was engaged to a man that I had been with for 5 years and I ended up cheating on him with someone I worked with it was meant to be a one time deal especially with him being nearly 20 years younger than me but we fell inlove so I broke it off and agreed t… Read more

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Out Of Africa, Chapter 32

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A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr and Wunderboi ****** A few years had passed since the coming of Rhino Industries to America and the establishment of their Headquarters in Hawksville on the Eastern Seaboard. From small beginnings the company under the guidance of their CEO, South African Oskar Botha, had gone from strength-to-strength and their products had become much admired and coveted. Their mobile phone bought not only the latest communication technology but it came with hidden features which although not readily apparent at the time of purchase would… Read more

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A very good view :-P

MasturbationVoyeur very well this video also to me is happened a very good situation like this, at home with my sister. An afternoon at home in end summer-beginning autumn I finish printing several papersheets of the computer and I go out of my room and I call my sister that coming out of her room and wearing a clear tunic for the house of color yellow-white-cream and a bit wide :-P, not too much clear for to seem a bit transparent :-P, anyway then of under she had legs nude with slippers and feet bare, while we he… Read more

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The College Slut


Hi friends, this is a real story which continues to this day. The name of the character has been changed but the contents are 100% true. It is about a girl from my college, who was my junior by one year. Her name is Deepika Choudhary. She is from Andhra Pradesh but got settled in Chennai with her aunt for her schooling and college. Her aunt is a widow and she also goes to her mother’s house most of the time, leaving this girl alone many days. She is about 5 feet tall, cute round face with a shiny pair of lips, small tits but a wide shapely ass and shapely legs. She always wears tight churida… Read more

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My first Handjob


My first Handjob. Still school days. Young horny and dating a rather pretty shy brunette girl. We were dating for a few months, having lots of fun as a young couple would have, exchanging passionate kisses, touching each other etc. It was holidays both my parents working as well as my girlfriend Amanda's parents were working. We stayed about a 45 min walk away from each other. Both being home alone, we spent quite a bit of time chatting sexually to each other over MXIT ( sure a lot of you will remember that). Being new to the sexual world we had phone sextings and on this one particular day… Read more

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Home alone and horny


Alone and Horny Another day home alone I hate when work takes hubby away but that’s life sometimes and I know he hates being away too. We had just finished having a video call as we often do during the day if he has a few spare minutes and had been talking about the trip away we were having the next weekend and what naughty things we hoped to do. After finishing up our chat I realised how horny I was and how frustrating it was knowing it would be at least three more days before I could ride hubbys nice thick cock. I tried to occupy myself with other things but it was no good I really need to… Read more

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HAYA Muslim College for Girls CH.1 (The Admission)


The beautiful mountains and the green grounds were on either side oh her car as the last building or crowded street she saw was an hour ago when they had exited the outskirts of Abotabbad and Summiyya wondered what would it be like to study and live in a college so far from the city but all that depended on her getting the admission which she was hopeful but HMC (Haya Muslim College) was one of the top colleges in the country for girls and even though her grades were quite good there was still doubt about her admission and the free scholarship that she desperately needed as her family couldn't… Read more

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Sorry to have to reminisce about my past life, but at my age with a wife who no longer wants sex that,s what keeps me going my memories! For this episode I flash way back to 1960 when I lived in eastern South Dakota in a fairly small town where everyone knew each other. By sixteen I knew about the “birds and bees” from a friend, but not my non parenting parents! I wanted to hook up with a female, but was far too shy and short on confidence to do so. Near neighbour Roberta “Bobbie” Blaghorn was a real tomboy who seemed to prefer hanging out with four guys and myself, smoked on the sly like the… Read more

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The Seduction Of Carol... Chapter Five

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The next morning was almost turning into the afternoon when I was awakened by the smell of coffee and the absence of my favorite bedwarmer... Carol. Last night had tired me out. Not bothering with a robe I followed my nose and padded barefoot and naked into the common room of the hotel suite. Carol was just sitting at the bar to sip her first cup when I came up behind her. Giving her a hug I inhaled the smell of her. The aroma of pussy and cum from the sex of the night before was still strong on her skin and combined to give… Read more

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Preeti And Her Mom Party Sluts

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I remember that day, it was 2nd Saturday of June month was raining heavily so sitting in the balcony with my Mom (as it was her ½ day and didn’t changed). As the chatting was on my mobile ranged Zara Zara touch me touch me, must be Ronit so rushed to grab my handset to see who is calling? Ronit: SP (sexy pussy), what’s on? I said nothing just chatting with Mom. So he said just have a chat with Preetam who was our classmate in college. I said yes and spoke t… Read more

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Mother Changed As slut By Our Relative-4

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Thank you so much my dear friends for your instant feedback. As I said you, we met uncle Mayura in a party in our capital city, from that day he lusted for my mother, I started helping him and finally he did cuddling with mom. He had already rubbed his dick in my birthplace, Mother’s pussy. Mom too enjoyed it a lot. But unfor… Read more

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Mother Changed As slut By Our Relative-3

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( As I am waiting outside, I heard the sound in mobile… please leave my hands Mayura… ow leave me.. leave me….) May :- Come to bedroom Mom:- No, leave me. I will complain to my hubby… leave me.. leave me… ( I just moved into home in my toe. Time is around 2.45 p.m. ) The sound is from our room. I placed the vegetable bag in the table without making any noise and hiding at the doorstep. I… Read more

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Mother Changed As slut By Our Relative-2


As I decided to help my uncle, he said if you corporate with me, follow my orders and maintain this secret you can have full fun with your mom. His words make me hard. I want my mom at any cost. May:- Shall we sneak into your parents bed room? Me:- No uncle, I am scared May:- Don’t worry. I am with you. Come on Me:- Ok. That moment we can feel the footsteps of mom moving into her room f… Read more

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Mother Changed As slut By Our Relative-1

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This is Raju here. This is the first time i am writing a story. If any fault in this story please excuse me. And this is a real incident happened in my life. I am from a very cultural part in Sri Lanka. I am a Tamil person. My city is known as the head of culture in the world. I assume that you all know very well about our Tamil culture and Tamil girls and also their dressing styles, behavior, their religious aspects, relationship between husband and wife a… Read more

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